GoogleMichal is a website about google maps and the most beautiful places on them!

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This site isnt compatible with mobile phones yet./Táto stránka nie je kompatibilná s mobilnými telefónmi.

So hello this will be a small introduction. If you dont care just press Continue! or Main Site.
Hi my name is Michal the creator of this site. First of all pardon my english I am not native speaker. This is my third site. First one was just testing and I made 1 game too.
But with this site I am doing something absolutely diffrent. This site will be about google maps.
This idea popped in to my head when I was in school. I really liked the idea that you can travel to almost any place on earth with just one little device.
So I will be updating this site with the most beautiful places I can find! Hope you enjoy it and remember this is just a prototype.

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